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Solar Pool Pumps

Having a swimming pool in the front or backyard comes with an element of luxury. But it can put a burden on your pocket even in the cooler months if its filtration and heating process run from the main electricity. If you are like other Australians whose pools cost them thousands every month for electricity for the pool alone, then it’s high time you found a more affordable solution. Stop worrying about your increasing electricity bills and start relaxing in your pool instead.

 Solar Pool Pumps Reduce Costs

At PMS Electrical our efficiently designed and high quality solar swimming pool pumps will save you big bucks every year. When it comes to installation, we consider ourselves one of the best. Our solar pool pumps give the maximum in energy efficient service at a minimum cost. They can give you peace of mind with robust parts, longer warranties and less maintenance costs.

We can install the pump beside your house or at the back of your garden, at your convenience. We provide compliant and professional installation of solar pumps which will filter your pool water at considerably less power than the conventional pump consumes. So, stop worrying and dive into the refreshing water and let the solar pool pump run with sun power and not with your money!

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