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Grid Connect Solar System

Are you tired paying big bucks for your electricity bill? Take control over your power by opting for a grid connect solar system. Solar is one of the most effective ways to lower or eliminate your ever increasing electricity bill.

Here at PMS Electrical, we’ve been helping residents across Toowoomba and the surrounding areas with supply and installation since 2012. 

Our solar systems are customised to suit your needs, your location and your property, with the latest in solar technology. 

We also offer battery connected systems so you can store additional solar electricity during the day and use it in the evening, for extra peace of mind.

Before installation, our CEC qualified electricians fully check the site, to ensure your system suits your requirements, and you don’t need up with additional issues during the installation process.

Our team works to the highest standards to ensure your system is safe and compliant with applicable Australian Standards. 

Take the next step and join the renewable shift, while lowering your electricity bills. 

Grid Connect Solar System 1
Grid Connect Solar System 2