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Are you looking for a professional lighting installation service that offers value for money and a job well done? 

If so, you’ve come to the right place. PMS Electrical offer lighting services for both residential and commercial installations. 

As qualified electricians, we offer a range of light fighting services across Toowoomba and Southern Queensland. Our efficient electrical contractors have hands on experience installing and repairing various types of lighting such as ceiling lights, chandeliers, lamps and pendants.

We don’t just add a fitting to light the area; we add a light to create a space that works to suit your needs and looks beautiful and elegant. 

If you want to light up your outdoor space, whether it’s a garden, portico or pool, the professional electricians of PMS Electrical are all set to provide the best installation around.

PMS Electrical specialise in installing designer lights and maintaining a high end professional standard in every job. All you need to do is to give a call to us and tell us the place you plan to install. Our professionals will come to your residence and will assess the site and perform the installation to suit your needs. 

Don’t be left in the dark, call us today and let our expert electricians illuminate your home the way you want.

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