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Solar Bore Pumps

Do you want to save money on pumping water throughout the year? In Australia, hot summers, and recent droughts have made for big power bills and dry taps. 

This is the perfect time to future proof your farm against the costs of rising power bills. 

As a proudly local business, we offer agricultural and rural property owners solar options to decrease costs.

Solar systems lower the costs of pumping and bores and offer a dependable power source that’s there when you need it.


10 Great Reasons to Transition to Agricultural Solar 

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  • Future-proof your farm against increasing electricity costs
  • Reduce the cost of operating pumps and bores
  • Reduce your overall operating costs
  • A reliable power source that’s available when you need it
  • Add value to your farm infrastructure
  • Generous government rebates
  • Top quality workmanship to withstand harsh Australian elements and weather events
  • Substantial feed-in tariffs
  • Our panels include a high quality 25-year performance guarantee
  • Site visit your location to do a full assessment and quote to ensure you’re receiving the right products and installation to fit your needs

Solar Bore Pumps for Agriculture

Our systems can power surface pumps as well as submersible bore pumps for crops and cattle. 

Our high quality panels come with a 25 year warranty, so you know you’re making a sound investment. 

Solar powered bores are one of the smartest ways to reduce costs and maintain your water supply for years to come.

Phone us today on (07) 4642 0017 and our experienced staff will answer all your questions.

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