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PMS Electrical 

Ready to Go Green?

PMS Electrical offers solutions for your power needs, from light switches through to solar systems, so you can make your energy work for you.

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We offer the latest in electrical installation, from light switches and switchboard upgrades through to large scale solar installation.

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Solar Savings

Whether it’s small or large, grid connected or off grid, we can help you find a solar solution that works for you and helps you save. 

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Carbon Footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint and create a clean energy future for your family and community by choosing clean energy.  

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Ready to Save on Your Energy Bill?

Choose Local Solar

With a professional and experienced team based in Toowoomba, you know you’re getting quality and long term service with an established local business. 

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Home Solar

We offer high quality solar solutions that will last for years and provide savings for the whole family.

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Battery Connect

Ready to enjoy clean energy around the clock? Ask us about battery backup for your system.

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